Who We Are

We are a group of scientists and conservationists that have been inspired by the unique natural beauty of the Chucanti cloud forest and are doing all we can to conserve and study it. Our primary goal is protect the rain forest, eventually hoping to make it a national park. However, until that happens, the only way to protect it is to purchase eland from the locals. We have strong ties with the local villages, and looking to educate Panamanians on the importance of rain forest conservation.

Guido Berguido– Our founder, the one who discovered Chucanti at a pivotal time, and took the first great steps towards saving and studying it in 2004. He is an internationally renowned ornithologist and specializes in highland bird species, such as those found on the ridge lines of chucanti. He has been working tirelessly since 2004 to save this area, and has inspired all of us to help him.

Austin Garrido– Came across Chucanti while searching deep in the mountains for caves (which he found). After seeing the horrible deforestation and the communities suffering from drought, He sought out some way to help and eventually found ADOPTA. Now he works on managing research coming out of the park, and making sure the site is suitable for study and observation.

Amy Bennett- Amy left her corporate life in England for a bit more adventure and meaning in her life. After traveling latin america for a few years, she fell in love with Panama and has been here ever since. She is as at home in the jungle as in the office, and is a key person in helping us organize our growing NGO and navigating the formal problems of corporate sponsorships, managing donors, and coordinating volunteers.