The Chucanti Species Database

With every new expedition to the forests of Chucanti new species are found. On this page, well show you some of the incredible biodiveristy here, including species found no where else on earth.

Preliminary field surveys of Cerro Chucantí by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, the University of Panama, and biologists from around the World, continue to reveal the presence of unique fauna and flora, some of which are new records for the country of Panama, and several of which are undescribed species new to science. Already a new species of spider a few insects, and a couple of new plant species have been discovered at this site.
A few years ago a National Geographic Expedition lead by Dr. Andrew Crawford conducted a preliminary survey revealing a few undescribed taxa of frogs.

Here is a partial list of new species that have been discovered on the slopes of Chucanti:


Species Discoverer Date Common Name/Category
Heliconia sp. nov Rodolfo Flores   Heliconia
Ocotea sp. Nov. Rodolfo Flores   Avocado Family
Notopleura chucantiensis sp. Nov. Rodolfo Flores   Coffee family
Bolitoglossa chucantiensis Sp. Nov.
Abel Batista   Salamander
Diasporus Sp. Nov. Abel Batista   Frog
Anthurium Chucantisis Sp. Nov.
ORLANDO O. ORTIZ   Flamingo Flower
Anelaphus cordiforme Sp. Nov.
Tessaropa elizabeth Sp. Nov.
Lenomyrmex Sp. Nov.   Jan, 2015 Ant
Strumigenys sp. Nov.   Jan, 2015 Ant
Myrmelachista Sp. Nov.
John Longino, Michael Branstetter Jan, 2015 Ant
Strophaeus Sebastiani Sp. Nov. Roberto J. Miranda & Sergio E. Bermúdez   Spider
Orchid Sp. Nov. Bonarje    
Orchid Sp. Nov. Bonarje    

In 2014 a new species of Salamander (Bolitoglossa chucantiensis sp.nov.) was described and at least one undescribed frog (Diasporus sp.) and a new species of snake (Tantilla sp.) are currently under revision.