John T. Longino and Michael Branstetter, Department of Biology, The University of Utah

Philip Ward, Department of Entomology, The University of California, Davis
The Serranía de Majé is an isolated mountain range in eastern Panama, on the Pacific side of Darien Province. The highest ridges reach 1300-1400m and are covered with small areas of cloud forest on the ridge crests. The slopes, when not deforested, have evergreen wet to moist forest. The area is an expanding agricultural frontier and there is very little mature forest remaining. Some of the remaining forest, including cloud forest on the highest ridge, are protected in a private reserve owned and managed by Guido Berguido.

This region has not been well explored by entomologists. In January, 2015, we spent three days collecting ants at Chucantí. Here we provide a list of ants for the site.
Ants were collected with a combination of Winkler sifting, hand collecting, and Malaise trap. Most collecting was concentrated along a trail from the reserve lodging, at 800m elevation, to the ridge crest at 1340m. Some collecting was along the hike into the site, starting at 90m elevation in pasture. The habitat was a mix of second growth and mature moist forest around the cabins. Litter conditions were dry around the cabins, but somewhat abruptly shifted to wet, mossy cloud forest between 1200-1300m.
This work was generously supported by the National Geographic Society, Grant 9568-14.
Notable Discoveries
Two specimens of the rare genus Lenomyrmex were collected. It appears to be a new species, similar to L. wardi, but differing in a few sculptural and shape characters.
Males of Leptanilloides were collected in a Malaise trap. This is an easily overlooked ant group. The tiny subterranean workers are rarely encountered, but males in Malaise traps are relatively common in Central America.
Leptogenys volcanica is a rare cloud forest ant previously only known from Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
Myrmelachista are arboreal ants that nest inside live or dead stems. Some species are specialized inhabitants of understory trees in the avocado family (Lauraceae), nesting entirely in the live stems and usually completely filling the stems of individual trees. We found a new species of Myrmelachista that was relatively common in understory Lauraceae. These relationships between Myrmelachista and Lauraceae are only found in mature evergreen forest. They are an example of a part of the biota that requires protected reserves like Chucantí to survive.
The genus Strumigenys contains a high diversity of small predaceous ants, most of which live in leaf litter and rotting wood. We found one strikingly distinct new species whose closest relative is S. minuscula, which is known from a few specimens from southern Brazil. The other significant find was two additional specimens of S. parsauga, a species previously known from a single specimen from the Atlantic lowlands of Costa Rica.

Acanthognathus ocellatus
Acromyrmex volcanus
Acropyga exsanguis
Adelomyrmex myops
Anochetus diegensis
Anochetus mayri
Aphaenogaster phalangium
Apterostigma spp
Azteca spp
Azteca alfari
Azteca constructor
Azteca forelii
Azteca isthmica
Belonopelta deletrix
Brachymyrmex spp
Brachymyrmex cavernicola
Camponotus ager
Camponotus atriceps
Camponotus integellus
Camponotus JTL-066
Camponotus sericeiventris
Camponotus simillimus
Camponotus striatus
Carebara reina
Cephalotes minutus
Cephalotes pallens
Cerapachys JTL-013
Cerapachys JTL-015
Crematogaster acuta
Crematogaster brasiliensis
Crematogaster crinosa
Crematogaster limata
Crematogaster nigropilosa
Crematogaster sotobosque
Cyphomyrmex costatus
Cyphomyrmex rimosus s.l.
Cyphomyrmex salvini
Discothyrea horni_complex
Discothyrea humilis
Discothyrea JTL-005
Dolichoderus bispinosus
Dolichoderus diversus
Dolichoderus lamellosus
Eciton lucanoides
Ectatomma ruidum
Eurhopalothrix xibalba
Gnamptogenys horni
Gnamptogenys JTL-002
Gnamptogenys JTL-019
Gnamptogenys minuta
Gnamptogenys regularis
Gnamptogenys tornata
Gnamptogenys triangularis
Hylomyrma dentiloba
Hypoponera spp
Hypoponera parva
Labidus coecus
Labidus praedator
Lachnomyrmex haskinsi
Lenomyrmex JTL-001
Leptanilloides spp
Leptogenys volcanica
Linepithema angulatum
Megalomyrmex longinoi
Megalomyrmex modestus
Megalomyrmex osadrifti
Monomorium floricola
Mycocepurus tardus
Myrmelachista JTL-024
Myrmelachista zeledoni
Myrmicocrypta sp
Neoponera aenescens
Neoponera foetida
Neoponera insignis
Nesomyrmex wilda
Nylanderia spp
Octostruma amrishi
Odontomachus bauri
Odontomachus chelifer
Odontomachus hastatus
Odontomachus meinerti
Odontomachus opaciventris
Pachycondyla harpax
Pheidole biconstricta
Pheidole boliviana
Pheidole carapuna
Pheidole chocoensis
Pheidole christopherseni
Pheidole colobopsis
Pheidole debilis
Pheidole glomericeps
Pheidole harrisonfordi
Pheidole hasticeps
Pheidole hirsuta
Pheidole JTL-134
Pheidole JTL-218
Pheidole JTL-235
Pheidole JTL-236
Pheidole JTL-237
Pheidole mantilla
Pheidole multispina
Pheidole olsoni
Pheidole protensa
Pheidole pugnax
Pheidole punctatissima
Pheidole rectispina
Pheidole rhinomontana
Pheidole rogeri
Pheidole rugiceps
Pheidole sagittaria
Pheidole sicaria
Pheidole simonsi
Pheidole striaticeps
Pheidole susannae
Pheidole tanyscapa
Pheidole veletis
Pheidole vorax
Prionopelta amabilis
Prionopelta antillana
Proceratium JTL-001
Procryptocerus hylaeus
Procryptocerus scabriusculus
Pseudomyrmex boopis
Pseudomyrmex cubaensis
Pseudomyrmex elongatus
Pseudomyrmex euryblemma
Pseudomyrmex filiformis
Pseudomyrmex gebellii
Pseudomyrmex gracilis
Pseudomyrmex laevivertex
Pseudomyrmex oculatus
Pseudomyrmex pallens
Pseudomyrmex psw004
Pseudomyrmex psw005
Pseudomyrmex psw008
Pseudomyrmex psw055
Pseudomyrmex rochai
Pseudomyrmex simplex
Pseudoponera cauta
Rasopone JTL-022
Rasopone JTL-027
Rasopone pergandei
Rhopalothrix isthmica
Rogeria belti
Rogeria foreli
Rogeria inermis
Solenopsis spp
Solenopsis geminata
Stenamma spp
Stigmatomma tropicalis
Strumigenys aethegenys
Strumigenys biolleyi
Strumigenys borgmeieri
Strumigenys brevicornis
Strumigenys cordovensis
Strumigenys DBB078
Strumigenys eggersi
Strumigenys elongata
Strumigenys gundlachi
Strumigenys lalassa
Strumigenys lanuginosa
Strumigenys louisianae
Strumigenys parsauga
Strumigenys precava
Strumigenys schulzi
Strumigenys skia
Strumigenys subedentata
Strumigenys zeteki
Tapinoma spp
Trachymyrmex cornetzi
Trachymyrmex opulentus
Trachymyrmex zeteki
Tranopelta gilva
Typhlomyrmex rogenhoferi
Wasmannia auropunctata